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"Ozarks Imagery"

One of the most beautiful areas of the Mid-West, the Ozarks evokes visions of sun-dappled forests, rolling rivers and quiet meadows - visions that hearken back to our rural past and our "down-home" ties.

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Gently Curved
Heavy Eaters
Near Avilla
Storm Front
Sunset Gold
Our Street
Country Road 7
Familiar Field
Raspberry Dreams
All Cleaned Up
Favorite Time Of Year

Around the Bend

The Kitchen Window
Freshly Ironed
Wet Fields
Painted Windsor
Child's Play # 2
Autumn Flight
White Birds
Ancient Cedars
Goose Down
Distant Meadow
Bed and Breakfast
Pond-during Winter
The Auctioneer
Ozark Stream
Forest Floor # IV
Stuck Up
Star Quality
Sunday School Quilt
Skillman's Window
  The Memory Tree
  The Grape Lady
  Day To Remember


Blue Pot
North Light
  Waiting for the Music


  When She was Young
Winter Geraniums
Blue Pail

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