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Giclee' Prints
Giclee (pronounced "zhee-clay") is French for "to spray."
To produce a Giclee, the original painting is scanned or photographed and stored as a digital file, then sent to a high resolution printer.  This new technology sprays ink on the print surface to create images of incredible detail and brilliant color.   Major museums throughout the world display Giclees.
My fine art Giclee prints are printed on 100% cotton watercolor paper on an Epson 4000 eight color printer using Epson Ultrachrome inks.  Each print is signed and numbered in an edition of 200

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Note: Most Originals Also available as Giclee's


  Gently Curved   Around The Bend   Pond During Winter   Ozark Stream
  Near Avilla   Goose Down   Puppy Chow   Forest Floor
  Sunset Gold   Distant Meadow   The Auctioneer   Sunday School Quilt
  The Memory Tree   Blue Pot   Star Quality   Day To Remember
  Winter Geraniums   Waiting for the Music   Bridging a Continent   Steamer
  Yesterday   Retired   Wheel Series No. 8   Union Pacific
  Wheel Series No. 52   Baldwin Locomotive 100   New York Central   23 Skadoo
  Colorado Gold   After the Rain   Afternoon Thaw   American Flyer
  Blue Wheels   Breakfast Club   Four 1/2 Pairs   Jasper County Courthouse
  Missing Picket   Old Faithfuls   Ready to Fly   Wet Sidewalks
  Winding Road   Jitterbug and Company   Central Park   Lilac Time
  Main Street Winter   Kendrick Place   Autumn Showers   Winter Night
  Maple Street Maples   Autumn's First Glow   Winter Blues   Paper Boy
  Front Yards   Winter Sun   Too Wet to Burn   Summer Breeze
  Patiently Waiting   Home Alone       Skillman's Window
  October Showers   Watermelon   Back Steps   The Kitchen Window
  Painted Winsor   Pale Blue Pail   Quiet Place   Wet Fields
  Child's Play       Forest Floor IV   Heavy Eaters

          Copyright 1996 2005 Jerry Ellis -All Images Copyright Protected