Jerry Ellis AWS, NWS, Watercolor USA

Award winning artist Jerry Ellis transforms the ordinary into striking works of art. Garnering subjects from his native Missouri Ozarks, he paints the tree-lined streets of small towns and villages, the farms and animals of the rolling countryside. A loose, realistic style emphasizing value and design, stamps the Ellis "signature" on all his work and has contributed to his recognition as one of the country's leading regionalist painters. See Galleries


"American Graffiti"
 Chosen for display at the Watercolor USA 2117 annual exhibition, at the Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO

Pays hommage to the "taggers" of America. Their movable canvases, train cars of all types and sizes, can be seen from the Alaskan tundra to the beaches of Florida.  Their bold, colorful renderings a sharp dichotomy to the carefully designed corporate logos that grace the same 'canvas'.

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