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Two new paintings that were painted with the new Professional Blick Watercolors on request. I purposely chose these still-life subjects so I could show the strength of the watercolors when used full chroma, which is seldom possible in a landscape painting, and to illustrate their beauty and transparency when mixed to create secondary and tertiary colors of varying value and intensity..

Night Lights

  Railcar Relic        


  The Color of October   Sidewalk Parade  

Blue on Blue

  arapluies de la Ville de Quebec
  November Rains   Zephyr   Backwaters   South Maple
  23 Skadoo
  In the Yard

End Of Rainbow


Winter Hay

  Wicker and Roses   Warm Wet Winter
  Grub's Orchard
  Stop Signs
  White Houses
  Winter Twilight   Johnson Creek Bridge Study

Sandy Lane Nature's Palette View From Bonnet Bridge
Winter Sun
Ozark Stream
Anderson RFD
Scratchin 'N Peckin
First Light
Southern Acre
Winter Hay
Pale Blue Pail

The Promise

Patchwork Chicken
Home Field Bridgework
Walnut Street Bridge
Signs Steamer Chicago and North Western

Say "Cheese" Summer Stream
Autumn Homestead
Chicory Blue The Kitchen Window


Link to the West No. 8 Star Quality
Baldwin Locomotive 100
Day To Remember
Purple Shadows
Childs Play
Stuck Up The Grape Lady Johnson Creek Bridge
Distant Meadow
Heavy Eaters
Storm Front
Wheel Series No. 52 New York Central
  Blue Wheels
  Union Pacific